Mini-Facial 1/2 h$55
Both men and women will enjoy this mini spa facial. Perfect for all skin types,The face is cleansed and exfoliated, followed by a conditioning mask.
Acne Facial$95
Camphor and azulen provide anti-inflammatory therapy to irritated skin as well anti-bacterial healing to sooth and calm irritated skin.
Sensitive Skin Facial$95
Ultra gentle formula designed specifically to address skin that is easily irritated or sensitive. Mild exfoliation and soothing mask to help reduce redness,discomfort and to restore hydration and suppleness will be used.
Bio-Deep Pore Cleansing Facial$105
If You need facial with AHA Enzyme peel that will melt a way impurities with perform extraction, tighten pores and stimulate skin cell turn over this facial.
Oxygen Therapy$105
If You like to treat your skin with this mineral-rich uniquely treatment created from ingredients found in Mother nature to revitalize skin and promote skin and promote skin looking young and healthy.
Anti-aging Facial$110
This treatment is designed to diminish the appetence of fine lines with Bio Peptides to tone,firm,smooth and stimulate natural production of collagen to reveal fresh young healthy looking skin.
Chemical Peel ( Series of 4: $350)$105
This treatment is designed to improve& smooth the texture of facial skin.Various chemical solutions(PCA,Bioelements)can be used to fit your skin type to peel damaged skin away and reveal healthy new skin.
Gentleman's Facial$90
Designed for deep pore cleansing skin to hydrate and to smooth as well to re-textures the skin with brighten complexion.